Scot Stafford
co-founder Pollen Music Group

Scot Stafford is an award-winning composer and sound supervisor in film, animation, and immersive media. Following the success of his musical score for Pixar’s Oscar-nominated short PRESTO, he co-founded Pollen in 2010. He is known for his pioneering work as Creative Director of Music & Sound on all seventeen Google Spotlight Stories (2013-19). The sound-driven Emmy-nominated SONARIA was his directorial debut. He has worked on dozens of VR/AR projects with studios like Baobab, Aardman, Fable, and Nexus Studios. He is currently working on five unannounced animation projects.


May 29

08:00 AM - 08:20 AM

Livestream 2

"Out There:" Creating the World's First Immersive Musical in Spatial Computing

Richard Warp | Pollen Music Group

Thibault Mathieu | Wilkins Avenue AR

Scot Stafford | Pollen Music Group