Richard Warp
sound designer and audio technologist Pollen Music Group

 Richard Warp is a British composer, sound designer and audio technologist with Pollen Music Group. Now based in the heart of London’s booming creative tech hub, his work in VR/XR audio design, mixing and implementation has been featured in award winning short films and groundbreaking site-specific AR experiences from studios including Baobab, Wilkins Avenue and others. He has also created immersive sound design and music for VR works by renowned contemporary visual artists Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson and Marina Abramovic. Richard is a pioneer and author in the field of brain-computer music interface (BCMI) applications, and an active researcher in the field of affective science as it relates to audio UX and new immersive formats.


May 29

08:00 AM - 08:20 AM

Livestream 2

"Out There:" Creating the World's First Immersive Musical in Spatial Computing

Richard Warp | Pollen Music Group

Thibault Mathieu | Wilkins Avenue AR

Scot Stafford | Pollen Music Group