Tom Neumann
Co-founder and Head of Engineering Rendever

Tom was an early adopter of virtual reality, and developed some of the first significant applications in VR in the early days of the consumer VR industry. One of the first apps he ever launched publicly has over 1 million downloads, and he was among the first to build a social world in virtual reality, implemented the first YouTube video player in VR, and developed software allowing apps from certain hardware-restricted app stores to be experienced on other hardware platforms. He has architected most of the major technical and user-facing components of the Rendever platform, has consulted with major organizations to help bring their VR interests into light, and leads development for both Alcove and the Alcove Playground.


May 26

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM

Livestream 2

Building an Ecosystem for Best in Class Consumer Content for ALL

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