Bill Rehbock
Head of Content Partnerships Blade Shadow

Technology and Platform Evangelist, champion for the importance of content to drive platforms and satiate consumers' desire to play games on anything that a game can be played on. Has advocated that hardware manufacturers are building doorstops unless great, new, differentiated games are available to play on the hardware. Created NVIDIA's "The Way It's Meant to be Played Program" to nurture great PC games from cradle to grave and help development teams make sure that their projects became successes. Responsible for TegraZone, with over 11 million downloads, helping drive awareness of Android and Android TV games. Now driving developer awareness of the best wearable XR solution being built as well as the highest performance, most complete Windows PC streaming service that doesn't require arduous re-targeting of games to new platforms. 


May 29

08:00 AM - 08:40 AM

Livestream 3

Delivering Gaming and XR from the Cloud

Bill Rehbock | Blade Shadow

Dijam Panigrahi | GridRaster

DJ Lal | Charter Communications

Arianne Hinds | Tencent

Greg Jones | NVIDIA