Clemens Kirner
CEO & Founder Insider Navigation

Clemens Kirner is Founder and Owner of INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH established 2014 in Vienna, a specialist of hardware-free, centimeter precise Augmented Reality Indoor-Navigation and Indoor Experience without the need of extra Infrastructure like GPS or Beacons. Further INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH is specialist in Augmented Reality Visualization of Company Data coming from existing CRM/ERP and other Information Management Systems to Visualize Real-time Data in a Live Camera captured environment. Insider Navigation Solution can be used to optimize Routes in Large Scale Factories, Venues, Airports etc, but can be also used for the Visualization of BIM-Systems (Building Information Management), Order-picking, Logistics etc.

Previously, Mr. Kirner was the Founder and Owner of the company consulting GmbH, which was established 2003 in Vienna with branch offices in Munich Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2017 Clemens Kirner sold to a private equity successfully and focusses solely on INS.

Mr. Kirner holds lectures at the New York University, Technical University of Vienna and is a regular speaker and exhibitor at important Trade Fairs and Marketing Events worldwide – from AWE in Santa Clara/USA, Euroforum in Cologne/Germany or Hannover Fair, one of the largest industry events globally.


May 27

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Clemens Kirner | Insider Navigation

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