Cole Wiley
CEO, Co-Founder Scandy

Cole Wiley is the CEO and co-founder at Scandy. He got his BA from LSU where he studied Sculpture, Digital Art, and Computer Science. He has been working in computer vision and 3D sensing for 10 years. Cole honed his skills in human computer interaction as an artist making interactive installations from 2010-2015 showing at galleries and museums mostly in his home of New Orleans but as far away as Tokyo. Cole and his co-founder Charles Carriere started Scandy in the summer of 2014 with the goal of making 3D scanning as easy and popular as taking regular photos.


May 26

08:40 AM - 09:20 AM

Livestream 2

Volumetric Video Capture and Delivery

Paul T Kim | Samsung

Christina Heller | Metastage

Jalina Stewart | VRAccelerator

Steve Sullivan | Microsoft

Cole Wiley | Scandy