Aaron Wolko
Co-Founder Nivra

Aaron Wolko is a trailblazing founder at the forefront of immersive education. After a successful exit from his FinTech startup, Aaron co-founded Nivra — an EdTech powerhouse revolutionizing K-12 education using spatial computing.

Nivra's groundbreaking platform has garnered global recognition, captivating students and faculty alike. Through captivating interactive VR experiences, students explore history and STEM concepts while teachers undergo realistic training simulations, equipping them for real-world scenarios, like first aid, fire training, and active-shooter prevention and response.

With over 16,000 users embracing Nivra's educational ecosystem as of June 2023, the impact is undeniable. Join Aaron at the AWE Conference to delve into his visionary insights, experiences, and the future of education.

Prepare to be inspired as he unveils the remarkable potential of spatial computing and its transformative effects on learning.