Dulce Baerga
Mixed Reality Technologist Dulce Dotcom

Dulce Baerga is a self-taught technologist with over 20 years of interactive experience. She’s a webXR developer, experience designer and mixed reality producer. She’s pushing the edges of the immersive web and working to help assist other web developers in building webXR experiences. She’s also a technical artist with extensive 3D and 2D graphic training and experience, and she’s using those skills to push the edges of AI platforms and pipelines. Her leadership style is one based on open collaboration, the promotion of autonomy, inclusiveness, and camaraderie. She's a thought leader in the XR community who is invited to speak on conference panels and to participate in annual Hackathons at AWE, GDC, AILA, Digital LA, MIT and UC Berkeley. She believes that intrinsic motivation is the prime variable to measure within a workforce and the primary ingredient toward meeting unified goals and success. Given her technical background being a full stack engineer and avid multi stack developer, Dulce has unique insight in which she understands the potential limitations of technologies from an engineering level that few other futurists without such technical experience can match.