Oscar Cartagena
Founder & CEO Augmented Experiences

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in the technological and creative industries, I specialize in various aspects, including technical, creative, educational, and business facets related to technology. Currently focused on the XR industry, my goal is to leverage emerging technologies to transform Chile and Latin America into creative powerhouses. I lead multiple companies, such as Augmented Experiences, Posterity, NVIVO, and Multiversica, and contribute to industry development as the Founder and President of the Chilean Association of Immersive Experiences (ACHEX A.G.). Additionally, I actively participate in initiatives like Congreso Futuro’s Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Rights, Digital Platforms, and Metaverse (LIANM), serve as the LATAM liaison for X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI), where among other collaborations, co-authored recommendations regarding Neurotechnology and Human Rights for the United Nation’s Human Rights Council and the Australian Human Rights Council. I’m also part of the Board of Trustees for Women of The Future LATAM Edition. My commitment extends to mentoring, policy contributions, and involvement in various expert committees and advisory boards at both national and regional levels.