Kaitlyn O'Connor
Partner Nixon Gwilt Law

I am a Partner at Nixon Gwilt Law (NGL). NGL is the only law firm in the US dedicated solely to healthcare innovation, and I am the only attorney in the firm focused on helping extended reality companies launch and grow. I am also one of just three members of the Board of Directors of a pediatric augmented reality company, where I meet regularly with the company's executives to guide their strategic planning and promote access to XR for pediatric patients across the US.

Finally, I am an active member of the International Virtual Reality in Healthcare Association (IVRHA) and have presented at several of their events in the past. In many ways, innovation in the healthcare XR outpaces the legal and regulatory landscape. As such, I often work with clients to solve complex problems that are not directly addressed or defined. For example, healthcare XR technology as it currently exists is far more advanced than the available reimbursement pathways available to healthcare providers and digital therapeutics companies.

I make sure my clients know and understand how the current reimbursement environment impacts their business and revenue model and how to creatively leverage existing code sets to fuel their business. I also provide strategic advice to clients in the process of figuring out how to commercialize their technology within the healthcare industry - contractual considerations (e.g., IP), legal hurdles (e.g., reimbursement, fraud and abuse) , strategic opportunities (e.g., working with payers), and more. I would be honored to present or join a panel at AWE and educate attendees to ensure they are prepared to achieve success in the US healthcare industry.