Matthias Sala
CEO Ambia

Matthias Sala is an award-winning Swiss entrepreneur and mixed-reality pioneer. Before his roles at PARC in Palo Alto and Siemens in Munich, his first venture – a visionary map-based gaming platform – propelled his company Gbanga into the leading mixed-reality studio in Switzerland and beyond. With his degree in computer science with a minor focus on architectural studies, he is driven by the passion of bringing the urban and the digital together to make our world a playful one. The spatial games platform «Ambia» is his latest venture which combines a decade of expertise to bring innovative gameplay into today’s era of Playful Experiences and Spatial Computing. Ambia brings together competitive Augmented Reality walks, explorative Spatial Audio tours and mind-boggling Metaverse gaming into one platform to foster a society that is content, in control and understands itself as a common, spatial community. Matthias’ speaking engagements include events and venues such as Creative Mornings, MIT Media Lab, Pervasive Computing Percom, Mobile Barcelona, GamesBeat and Future of Immersive Leisure among others.