Nina Faye Lin
CEO / Co-Founder XRIO

Nina Faye Lin serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of XRIO, where she blends her expertise in strategic partnerships with a passion for immersive gaming and learning. At the heart of XRIO's mission, Nina focuses on leading a team that is dedicated to setting new standards in the XR industry by combining emerging technology with creative storytelling.

Outside of the digital realm, Nina was foundational in launching Hawai'i's first self-directed learning center for youth, which evolved into XRIO's vision to enhance interactive and accessible learning through play. She is also a board member of multiple nonprofit organizations in Hawai’i centered around community-based education and creative professional development.

Additionally, Nina contributes to her local community through her work with HawaiiXR as a lead organizer and the Hawai’i International Film Festival as the XR programmer. Above all, Nina’s vision is to shape the future of lifelong learning by blending play and immersive technology, sparking creative collaborations across time and space.