Ferhan Ozkan
CEO XR Bootcamp

Ferhan Ozkan is leading the mission is to create a global ecosystem of XR innovators and utilize it for solving the challenges of the industry.

As elected Vice-Chair of the IEEE VR/AR Standards Group, he works on bringing the industry closer, while focusing on empowering the major stakeholders with his expertise and global network. He is also co-founder of VR First, a global program seed supporting XR labs worldwide. Since its foundation in 2016, he has led the program to a network of thousands of developers with a mission to democratize VR/AR development worldwide. Since 2020, he's heading XR Bootcamp, a global online academy, offering cutting-edge VR/AR development courses to experienced developers and researchers. The masterclasses are engaging and reinforce deep learning through hands-on real-world projects developed by professionals and taught by the world's XR masterminds. XR Bootcamp further supports the XR Creators community with free and open lectures and knowledge-sharing groups. XR Bootcamp alumni work at organizations like Accenture, Samsung, Snap, HP, Autodesk, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University.