Rahel Demant
Co-Founder XR Bootcamp

Since 2020, she's heading XR Bootcamp, an academy for advanced VR/AR development. 

XR Bootcamp is a global online academy, offering cutting-edge VR/AR development courses to experienced developers and researchers. Our masterclasses are engaging and reinforcing deep learning through hands-on real-world projects and digestible bite-sized content. Curricula are developed by professionals and taught by the world's best experts. XR Bootcamp further supports the XR Creators community with free and open access to knowledge, peer-to-peer learning, and networking opportunities. XR Bootcamp alumni work at companies like Accenture, Boeing, Magic Leap, Microsoft, Siemens, Riot Games, IBM, and Dell.

Rahel Demant has also created VR First, a global network organisation of over 850 universities and 410 Science Parks. Since its foundation in 2016, she has led the program to a network of thousands of developers. The mission: to democratise VR/AR development worldwide through VR First’s various support programs.