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Virtual World Society presents Kent Bye on "The Ethical & Moral Dilemmas of Mixed Reality"

May 31

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM


Immersive technologies present a series of ethical dilemmas for experiential designers who have to make morally-ambigious design decisions. For example, the Holocaust Museum had to request Niantic Labs remove it as a PokéStop within Pokémon GO. Respecting this sensitive cultural context seems like an obvious moral intuition, but it also points to a larger open question of who owns virtual space? Should the AR cloud be considered an extension of private property? Or should it be more of a First Amendment free speech zone that democratizes creative expression? Can both be true? How should designers navigate these types of complicated moral dilemmas when the interests of the individual are in conflict with the interests of the collective? This keynote talk by The Voices of VR podcast host Kent Bye will explore the full landscape of ethical and moral dilemmas that creators of augmented reality technologies will be facing in the near future ranging in topics of privacy, ownership, consent, identity, economics, cultural norms, and implicit social contracts.


Producer , Voices of VR Podcast

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