Building Open Standards for the Metaverse

Jun 1

01:00 PM - 01:55 PM


At last year’s AWE, leaders of key standards development organizations (SDOs) and industry consortia including the Khronos Group, W3C, OpenAR Cloud, and ASWF discussed the need for more cross-organization collaboration to pave the way for an open, inclusive metaverse. It wasn’t just talk: these organizations have now come together along with hundreds of other SDOs, companies, and academic institutions to form the Metaverse Standards Forum, a venue for cooperation among metaverse stakeholders to foster the development of interoperability standards. The Forum has begun engaging in pragmatic, short-term projects like building a standards registar, coordinating use cases and requirements for input into SDOs, and creating interoperability prototypes, with more to come.

In this panel, leaders of Metaverse Standards Forum member organizations will discuss the interoperability challenges the group is prioritizing today, and how the forum is working to accelerate solutions. Attendees will gain insight into the nuances of topics including 3D asset interoperability; digital fashion; real/virtual world integration; and privacy, cybersecurity, and identity. The panel will explore current possibilities, challenges, and limitations within these domains, and discuss how attendees can contribute to the formation of an open metaverse.


Advisor , XR Safety Initiative
Principal Analyst , Moor Insights & Strategy
Founder & CEO , XR Safety Initiative
President , Khronos Group

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