3 Apr 2024 | Ori Inbar
A personal message for 2024 from AWE's co-founder
AWE USA 2024

Dear XR friend,

I extend my deep gratitude to each of you for being an integral part of the XR journey with AWE! 

Whether you are a seasoned pioneer, a curious newcomer, or anywhere in between - your presence fuels our collective mission to propel XR forward for the betterment of humanity.

As the co-founder of AWE and a steadfast advocate for AR, VR and spatial computing since 2007, I am excited to share the key themes that inspired the AWE team when designing your event experience in this very spatial year.

A breakthrough year

2024 started with a bang. Apple Vision Pro shipped to a higher than expected number of XR enthusiasts and Meta Quest 3 achieved record breaking sales. Moreover, major tech titans (Samsung, LG, Sony, Nvidia, TCL, Qualcomm, Microsoft, ByteDance) and upstarts (Xreal, Rokid, Varjo, Vuzix, Brilliant Labs, and many more) announced upcoming XR products, and investments in XR startups picked up, all signaling a potential breakthrough year for Spatial Computing.

Find AWE on the beach

We anticipate this breakthrough year to be mirrored in the grand setting of the 15th anniversary of AWE USA, now hosted at its new home in Long Beach. Yes, after 14 great years of explosive growth, the XR industry could no longer be contained at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and we’ve relocated to the vibrant Los Angeles metro area. 

The Long Beach Convention Center offers more than double the exhibit space, plenty of food and hospitality options at a stone's throw, and a strategic location amid key industries - all making it a worthy venue for a celebration. It’s also a fertile ground for ample opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations.

LA is not just the entertainment capital of the world, but a major worldwide hub for key sectors – all growth areas for XR – which will influence the mix of exhibitors, speakers, and attendees you’ll meet at the show. 

Sectors with a major hub in the Los Angeles metro area:

  • Technology, 
  • Aerospace and defense, 
  • Fashion and apparel, 
  • Healthcare and wellness, 
  • Tourism and hospitality, 
  • Trade and logistics, 
  • Education and research. 

To cater to executives from these business sectors, we are introducing an exclusive ‘AWE Focus’ program, geared to maximize decision-makers’ time at the event, accelerate networking, spark big ideas, and get deals done. Find out more about AWE Focus.

Embrace XR’s past to shape the future

As we celebrate AWE’s 15th anniversary concurrent with 15 years since XR’s industry inception, it is imperative to reflect on our history, glean insights from trailblazers, and chart a course towards a future instilled with shared values.

AWE 2024 will be a testament to this ethos:

  • Dedicated XR history sessions delivered by pioneers in almost every one of the 15 program tracks complemented with sessions envisioning the future in 2040.

  • The XR history museum showcasing vintage AR and VR devices that served as milestones in the industry over the past 50 years.

  • Introducing a new industry institution - celebrating the pioneers who built this industry. Tune in on Apr 24, 2024 for a special announcement event!

You’ll feel spatial, we promise

For the past 15 years you have praised AWE as “The must-attend XR event of the year” and for good reason. Our commitment to curating a transformative experience is unwavering:


  • Feel inspired – Hand picking 500 industry leaders as speakers to cover the hottest topics - ensuring every attendee learns and feels inspired.

  • Feel spatial – Assembling over 300 companies, from established leaders to emerging startups, offering first hand experience with the latest XR tech.

  • Feel special – Attracting professionals from all corners of the XR ecosystem fostering unparalleled networking opportunities - with a family reunion feel.

  • …And a little extra – Going above and beyond by offering fun spatial experiences like the AWE Playground, XR History Museum, artists performances, community meetups, awards ceremonies, parties, and more surprises to be announced!

“You’ll feel spatial” is our promise to each and every one of you.

We adopted this slogan as it applies to the broader population as well: it’s a call to action for every business and individual to try spatial computing – we (the XR industry) promise you’ll feel spatial. Remember, experiencing spatial computing transcends mere technology, it’s a truly special feeling.

I invite you all to join 6,000+ like-minded peers, learn from the best, try the latest tech, and make a mark on the XR industry in this transformative year.

You’ll feel spatial, I promise 😍 


Ori Inbar

AWE co-founder

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