Pre-conference Workshop

Wednesday, October 16 - Location: MOC - Room K1

The Challenge of Spatial Computing: How Cloud, Network, and Device work together to produce AR/VR Experiences

Major shifts in human computer interaction have happened since the beginning of computing, from mainframes to smart watches. Core technology advances in sensors, AI, & compute are bringing Spatial Computing center stage, transforming the world into the platform and putting natural interaction – perception, voice, and gesture at the heart of human computer interactions.

The challenge of spatial computing requires new approaches and disruption to communications, networks, and the internet. We must get out in front of this convergence to drive action, educate, and recruit members of industry to get on board and build the systems and standards to make these new experiences a reality.

This all-day workshop will bring together stakeholders from network, device and experience to illuminate and kickoff an ongoing conversation about the roadmap and outcomes needed to make spatial computing our reality.
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