Lili Eva Bartha
Founder and CEO GN3RA

Lili Eva Bartha is an award-winning Digital Fashion and XR specialist. She is the founder and CEO of GN3RA, a groundbreaking digital outfit customization platform revolutionizing digital self-expression for virtual worlds, games and Augmented Reality.

Lili has a scientific and design background, with an MSc in Applied Mathematics and an MA in Fashion Design (Royal College of Art). Before launching GN3RA, she worked with fashion, gaming and entertainment businesses to explore self-expression in the digital space (LNCC, Avakin Life, Mahla Clothing), while developing XR projects on immersive creativity as artist in residence at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (2021) and at the NFT Gallery London (2022). 

Since 2019, she has been an associate researcher and lecturer at a number of universities and research organizations (e.g. Future Fashion Factory, University of Arts London, Royal College of Art, University of Westminster, University of Leeds, AUAS Amsterdam) in New Media and Digital Fashion. Seeing first hand how students, entering the digital space for the first time, struggled with tackling the steep technical learning curve of digital content creation software, together with her studio experience assisting businesses in the digital, inspired her to develop GN3RA. She is a regular keynote speaker at XR, fashion- and crea-tech conferences, advocating for democratic approaches to digital content creation and self-expression.


Oct 25

14:00 - 14:55


Digital Fashion - Instruments and Mechanics to Receive Marketing Results

Lili Eva Bartha | GN3RA

Ashumi Sanghvi | MAD Productions

Samantha Tauber | VNCCII

Dmitry Kornilov | FFFACE.ME