Hilary Mine
VP Strategy & Technology Nokia CX

Ms Mine leads Strategy & Technology for Nokia’s global sales and marketing organization. Ms Mine and her extended team of Customer CTOs and strategists ensure a strong voice of customer in Nokia’s technology strategy and vision to support the broader goal of helping Nokia’s customers realize their ambitions, while supporting Nokia with thought leadership, new market incubation, and customer success strategies. Also a member of Nokia Technology Council.


In addition, Ms Mine serves on the Executive Board of DIGITALEUROPE as President.


Ms Mine has had a diverse career: managing sales and operations in 22 countries across Asia and Europe for Nokia; running three different global consulting businesses; CMO of Technicolor; and more. She has been passionate about deriving value from technology and connecting the planet for several decades.


Oct 24

15:30 - 16:00


Working Metaverse – What’s Real Today and What 6G Can Bring

Hilary Mine | Nokia CX

Michael Danninger | EY