Milot Salihu
Automation Engineer Robotics Simulations

Milot Salihu is a distinguished engineer at Novo Nordisk, where he leads a team focused on accelerating the implementation of production lines, equipment, and automation. With a proven track record of reducing project time by 40%, Milot serves as a trusted advisor to BILA, Denmark's largest automation company, and other prominent production companies.

Additionally, Milot contributes to the industry as an expert and educator. He shares his transformative experiences with organizations, empowering them to optimize their implementation processes. Milot also teaches courses on Industry 4.0 and Automation in Production at the Danish Technical University (DTU). His teaching emphasizes the use of XR technologies in design processes and the implementation of automation solutions within the pharmaceutical industry.

Milot's expertise, leadership, and commitment to driving innovation make him a key influencer in the field. Join Milot as he shares practical strategies, enabling organizations to achieve remarkable implementation success in partnership with Novo Nordisk and BILA.


Oct 24

11:05 - 11:30


Achieve Faster Implementation of Production Lines and Automation Projects with XR Technology

Milot Salihu | Robotics Simulations

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