Adele Keane
COO & Creative Director Imvizar

Adele is the COO & Creative Director at Imvizar, an innovative AR platform specialising in crafting location-specific experiences that captivate audiences. Imvizar is revolutionising storytelling by transforming passive narratives into engaging spatial stories on a life-sized scale. Later this year, Imvizar will release a user-friendly tool for AR experience creation empowering storytellers to craft their own immersive narratives without needing to know how to code.

As the leader of the creative team at Imvizar, Adele collaborates with top-tier talent to bring augmented reality narratives to life, pushing the boundaries of storytelling. With a wealth of multimedia experience, ranging from live-action to large-scale 3D productions, Adele skillfully combines her storytelling, technology, and production skills to deliver immersive AR experiences that seamlessly merge the virtual and real worlds. 


Oct 24

17:05 - 17:30


Unlocking Spatial Storytelling with No-code Tools

Adele Keane | Imvizar

Michael Guerin | Imvizar