Gabriella Chihan Stanley
Co-founder & CCO vrisch / XRVienna

Gabs, an award-winning XR director and producer, serves as a significant pillar in the Austrian XR community. She is the co-founder of vrisch, one of Austria's most recognized and prestigious studios dedicated to applied immersive entertainment, and the founder of XRVienna, the largest XR community in Austria. Known for her unforgettable energy as a speaker, she effectively drives vrisch in creating cross-industry XR solutions and encourages productive dialogue between XR creators and enthusiasts at XRVienna.

From her earliest fascination with technology, introduced by her father in electronics stores, to her exploration of films, books, and theme parks, Gabs's passion for storytelling and immersion emerged. She cultivated a diverse background in graphic design, transmedia art, writing, and advertising, which set the foundation for her future endeavors. Incorporating VR into her work in 2013 marked the exciting juncture where her passion for technology and storytelling converged, setting the stage for her pioneering work in XR.

Gabs's multicultural background, having been born in Paraguay to Syrian and British immigrants, and living in the US, Barcelona, and now Vienna, informs her work at vrisch. She collaborates with respected institutions like the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Dürrenstein Reserve and the Red Cross to develop XR solutions that are not just effective, but also memorable and entertaining.

At XRVienna, Gabs promotes an inclusive, respectful, and safe environment. As the Austrian Ambassador for Women in Immersive Tech, she advocates for greater female representation in the XR industry and empowers women already involved in the field. Her noteworthy achievements include the OMOSIROI award, the Laval Virtual Award, and Forbes' recognition as one of Europe’s top 20 Women Founders in 2018. As a successful 'momtrepreneur,' Gabs seamlessly integrates her professional accomplishments with her commitment to nurturing the next generation.


Oct 25

11:05 - 11:30


From Point of Sale to Point of Story: XR's Role in Next-Gen Retail Spaces

Gabriella Chihan Stanley | vrisch / XRVienna

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