Jennifer Bettinger
Responsible Tech Innovation Strategy Accenture

Jennifer is part of Accenture’s Global Responsible Metaverse team and a founding member of Accenture’s Europe Based Responsible Innovation team. She is a World Economic Forum Fellow for the “Defining and Building the Metaverse” initiative and has been one of the core writers shaping the Forum’s content about economic and social value in and through the Metaverse in the past year. Motivated by the desire to make technology more equitable, fair and inclusive, Jennifer has focused her metaverse related work on the impact of XR on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and mental well-being in the past months.


Oct 25

14:10 - 15:05


Immersive Technology as a Tool for Empowerment of Emerging Economies

Elena Bascone | Women in Immersive Technologies (WIIT) Europe

Gianluigi Vona | Acumen Public Affairs

Patricia Paulina Karrer | EIT Manufacturing

Jennifer Bettinger | Accenture