Cecilia Lascialfari
Creative Technologist ARea6DoF -

I’m a Creative Strategist Technologist, I'm an AI Artist, I make research in field of AI, AR, VR, XR, I'm a European Journalist, I'm a Videomaker, I'm a Photographer.
I work in a Department for Digital Innovation - Multimedia Asset Production Area (Videos, Audiobooks, Research, AI/AR/VR/XR) - of the third important publishing house in Italy.
I’m a Co-Founder of
I’m Organizer of AWE Nite Florence from 2020.
I’m the creator of the project "Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture”.
I'm creator of a big community on ART+AI+Creativity called "Future of Creativity in the XR World".
I’m a Researcher.
I'm an ARTIST.