Alexandra Weiss
Expert Fullstack Developer AR/XR Vodafone Group Services GmbH

Alexandra Weiß is an XR developer with a background in media computer science and roughly 7 years of experience with the Unity game engine. After a short intermezzo as a freelance VR developer, she joined the XR team in the Vodafone Tech Innovation Center in Dresden, Germany.

Next to work, she is part of the XR moms initiative, which aims to encourage mothers to approach the topic of XR and find a career in this field. Last but not least, she aims to strengthen the community of game and XR developers in Dresden by helping organize a local meetup.

She is always eager to talk about #xrdevelopment, #womenintech, #unity, #community and #gamedev topics.


Oct 25

12:00 - 12:10


XR Moms: Why Does the XR Industry Need Women and Mothers In Particular?

Alexandra Weiss | Vodafone Group Services GmbH