Gábor Sörös
research scientist Nokia Bell Labs

Gábor Sörös is a senior scientist at Nokia Bell Labs in Budapest (HU). His research interests span from mobile computer vision, location-based augmented reality, and spatial artificial intelligence across augmenting humans with wearable technology towards interaction with robots and smart things.

Before Bell Labs, Gábor was a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich and he was also involved in three successful ETH spin-offs. He was a tech advisor of Arbrea Labs on body and face augmentation, he worked as the lead engineer of Kapanu on facial AR for dentistry, and he was the scientific advisor of Scandit on visual code scanning with mobile and wearable devices. Gábor completed a PhD internship in the Vuforia team of Qualcomm Research, and as an undergraduate assistant, he was working on human-robot interaction at the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Gábor is currently also active in the Open AR Cloud Association and in the Metaverse Standards Forum.

Gábor studied electrical engineering in Budapest (HU) and in Karlsruhe (DE) with focus on communication systems, visual computing in Vienna (AT) with focus on mobile augmented reality, and he obtained his PhD degree in computer science at ETH Zurich (CH) with focus on mobile computer vision.


Oct 24

13:00 - 13:25


Building Interoperable Location-based AR with Open Geospatial Consortium Standards

Gábor Sörös | Nokia Bell Labs

Matthias Sala | Ambia / Gbanga

Christine Perey | PEREY Research & Consulting