Daniela Weismeier-Sammer
Researcher Assistant & Emergency Paramedic Johanniter Austria

Daniela is a researcher at the Johanniter Austria Research and Innovation Centre. She has a doctoral background in Social Sciences and Economics and combines her scientific experience with her substantial expertise as a paramedic and squad leader. Daniela’s research areas include Emergency Medical Care, Emergency Medicine and Disaster Management. Over the past years she was a team member in several XR-related international projects. She is specialized in organising and executing large-scale exercises and has a special interest in XR as a promising addition for the training and preparation of first responders especially for mass casualty incidents.


Oct 25

14:35 - 15:00


MED1stMR - The Future of Medical First Responder Training

Markus Murtinger | AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Daniela Weismeier-Sammer | Johanniter Austria