Christoph Ortlepp
Co-Founder & COO Virtex

Christoph Ortlepp is the co-founder and COO of Virtex, developer of the Virtex Stadium platform - one of the world's first true virtual stadium experiences for esports and sports.Virtex partners with all stakeholders of the industry including publishers, tournament operators, teams, brands, and also individual streamers to jointly create unique virtual stadium experiences around their content to engage fans in a more immersive, interactive, and social experience. Supported by Valve, Virtex announced the virtual Counter-Strike stadium earlier in 2023, and together with Riot Games Virtex has been hosting virtual watch parties around some of their biggest events. The Virtex Stadium application will be in open beta later this year as more and more partnerships are launched. The app is currently available on Steam and Oculus for regular 2D use and PCVR.  Prior to founding Virtex, Christoph was an Associate at Earlybird Venture Capital, covering XR and Games at the fund. In this role, he recognised the emergence of new 3D interfaces and how in combination with the latest advances in game engines this can completely revolutionise live entertainment experiences.


Oct 25

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Christoph Ortlepp | Virtex

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