Stephanie Meisl
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Stephanie Meisl has been active in the field of visual media since 1997. With a background in communication science, she began her career as a live performing visual artist and has since been at the forefront of the transition from analogue to digital media, from analog to HD, and from landlines to iPhone. In 2003, she became part of the media art festival "Schmiede" and continued her involvement there. She subsequently met her collaborator, Alex Braschel, and they co-founded the visual art collective C'QUENCE. Over several years, this collective evolved into a serious film production company working for Raiffeisen, IAEA, Salzburger Festspiele, Takeda, Wienerberger, Mondi, Immofinanz, WienEnergie, etc.

Stephanie's pursuit of understanding the world and its transformations, randomness, repetitions, flaws, beauty, and stories has been an ongoing journey. This journey has taken her to obtain a Master of Arts in Communication in Hawaii, to Paris out of love, and back to Vienna for the art and creative industries.

She decided to reduce her fear of artificial intelligence by addressing human uncertainty and the loophole in algorithmic clickbaits. The audiovisual installation "Digital Terrorism 2.0" featuring Marco Sulz marked a turning point. She sought to reduce the fear associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by using art as a means to interpret, translate, and make it more accessible.

Since 2020, her research has explored the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. In 2021, she was awarded the Salzburg Media Art Award/Scholarship for her project "OK Computer, I want full manual control now", the output of which was INS[AI]DE featuring DKAY. This resulted in exhibitions and performances in Graz, Vienna, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Rome, New York and Washington; and “D#AVANTGARDE - new technology, art and creativity” a collective that aims to bridge new technologies, arts and society, founded with Scharmien Zandi and Sarah Scherer.

In 2023, together with Andreas Fraunberger from "Jünger Römer", she founded the monthly community meetup "Generative AI for Creatives" by D#AVANTGARDE in Vienna. Her alias s.myselle is her digital art avatar and as CAIO of Full Future Consulting GmbH, she runs workshops to explain and implement AI in companies.

In the end it is the one question that stays: What does it truly mean to be human in the age of machines?

AI Projects

2023 AI Symposium: Let’s Talk and Watch KI - - schmiede Hallein

since 2020 AI Art Project: Schiele’s Ghost - Remixing the synthesis of Egon Schiele’s essence, thoughts and style with Machine Learning - Martin Gasser

2023 Szenische Lesung. chatGPT gone wild - Lulu Schmidt, Scharmien Zandi, Rina Juniko

2023 AI Trailer. RUR. Rossum’s Universal Robots - eternal Robot-Angst

Since 2022 A philosophic discussion series about AI: Let’s Talk KI - Accomplices

2022 Audio Visual AI Installation: INS[AI]DE - What is algorithmic governmentality? Future - DKAY

2022 NFT/AI GAN Video: FREE UKRAINE - Kenny Schachter

2022 Musictheater: AMOUR FOU - Scharmien Zandi, Sarah Scherer

2022 The Prompt Battle Night: Goatescapes - Rüdiger Wassibauer & Schmiede

2021/22 AI preacher TheClosestItGetsToGod - AI-interpreting the bible

2021 Media art award/scholarship OK COMPUTER, I WANT FULL MANUAL CONTROL NOW

2021 AI Video. SILENT OPERA - Scharmien Zandi. Opening Video for NO-MUSIC DAY by Bill Drummond in Lithuania

2020 AI-AudioVideo Installation: TWO HORSES PONDERING ABOUT THEIR FUTURE - Schmiede Hallein

2020 Artist in Residence ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ART & Chapter in the book: HORSES: COEVOLUTION STORYTELLING ZUKUNFT - Dr. Bernhard Förg, Rudiger Wassibauer

2019 Stage Video Design (first use of Al) GEGEN VERGESSEN - Freies Theater Bozen

2018 Audio Visual Installation: DIGITAL TERRORISM 2.0 - FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME - Marko Sulz, Alexandra Braschel


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