Anita Lamprecht
Ambassador Liquid Legal Institute

Dr Anita Lamprecht is an international lawyer and researcher currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. After a career in international litigation and arbitration, Anita has shifted her focus on the legal implications of digital technologies, internet governance and the facilitation of technology to improve access to justice. 

Anita is an active member and ambassador of the non-profit legal think tank Liquid Legal Institute e.V. , where she is also part of the Metaverse for Legal team. Anita supports the career development platform for women Rolemodel Rebels as ambassador. She is a speaker at legal conferences and lecturer on the topic Metaverse to the Swiss Weblaw Academy and the CAS Legal Tech of the Zurich University of Applied Science in Business Administration. Attracted by the humanistic approach of the Diplo Foundation, Anita has joined the Digital Watch Observatory in February 2023. She supports the Technology Team, which covers current policy developments on a wide range of technologies such as AI, Quantum Computing, Semiconductors, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Metaverse, Blockchain, 5G/6G and Emerging Technologies.


Oct 25

15:30 - 15:55


Digital Twin of Law: Enabling Converging Realities

Anita Lamprecht | Liquid Legal Institute