Tim Friedland
Co-Founder and CEO forwARdgame

Tim co-founded forwARdgame in 2017 together with his partner Tom.Based in Berlin, forwARdgame keeps researching toward the ultimate games - that blur the line between the real and the digital worlds, giving players an immersive and active Augmented Reality experience.Inventing games was among Tim’s favourite activities since childhood. Besides building games, Tim is passionate about psychology, speaks 5 human languages and 6 programming ones.


Oct 25

11:00 - 12:25


Start-Up Pitch Competition

Tim Friedland | forwARdgame

Petri Rajahalme | FOV Ventures

Sergiu Ardelean | Artivive

Krasi Nikolov | QuarkXR

Stephanie Riggs | Ink & Paint

Mihai Streza | Wondder

Wendelin Reich | Virtual Beings

Lili Eva Bartha | GN3RA

Reedah El-Saie | Brainspark Games

Leen Segers | Women in Immersive Technologies (WIIT) Europe

Christopher Obereder | Start-up-Chris Ventures