• Discover augmented and virtual reality enterprise solutions that can solve critical issues within your organization.
  • Hear real case studies and see firsthand real examples of AR/VR delivering ROI in the enterprise.
  • Connect with XR solutions providers through AWE's in-person global conferences, or via the always-on awe.live platform.
  • Utilize AWE's growing resource library to stay up to date on the latest in AR and VR for the enterprise.

Discover the latest AR/VR innovations from the leading companies in the XR industry and learn how the technology can help transform your business when you attend AWE

Every year, Fortune 1000 organizations from all industries attend AWE to find AR/VR solutions for improving their business and staying competitive. End users and corporate buyers from these enterprise organizations want to know how augmented and virtual reality is transforming every industry, from aerospace and automotive to manufacturing and retail (e-commerce).

The AWE community provides a one-stop-shop that enables buyers to hear real case studies of AR/VR delivering ROI in the enterprise today, source the latest immersive technology solutions for business, and meet integrators and software providers that can help make XR technology a reality in the workplace.

Evaluate the best XR solutions in person at AWE’s conferences and events

Sometimes, seeing is believing, and the best way to see the latest enterprise AR/VR solutions is up close and in person at AWE’s face-to-face conferences hosted around the globe. Get hands-on demos with the newest hardware and software and speak with the teams behind the XR products shaping the future of your organization’s respective vertical.

AWE’s events all feature a carefully curated track dedicated entirely to the Enterprise, one of the most attended tracks at the conference. Talks cover a range of topics, including scaling VR implementation within your company, to the benefits and challenges of leveraging enterprise AR/VR in a range of industry verticals.

Learn how cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality enterprise solutions can help to solve critical issues within your organization. Discover some of the leading XR solutions designed to help improve worker productivity, reduce downtime, cut costs and increase return-on-investment, improve access to knowledge and increase efficiency of operations.

You’ll also be able to connect with some of the amazing startups emerging in the XR space, many of whom may already have the answer to some of the key challenges and pain points within your business. AWE events provide enterprise end users and corporate buyers with the perfect platform to discover the next best AR and VR solutions, and the ultimate opportunity to identify the right products and platforms to help streamline your business operations.

You can check out the latest AWE expo floorplan highlighting enterprise XR providers at this year’s event, or view the entire floor plan below.

Connect with solutions providers with AWE’s 24/7/365 XR community hub

As well as the opportunity for hands-on research and product evaluation at AWE’s in-person events, AWE also provides the XR community with its awe.live platform, an always-on hub for XR companies and professionals, creating a true ecosystem where solutions providers and end users can meet and interact virtually.

Through awe.live, you’ll be able to find the right contacts from a directory of thousands of XR professionals who will be able to help you with your organization’s augmented and virtual reality technology needs. Connect with suppliers and vendors, schedule a meeting to explain your requirements, and negotiate the best possible solution for your company, all through the platform.

Find the right XR resources for your organization by utilizing AWE’s resources for Enterprise End Users

As well as its in-person events and awe.live portal, AWE offers a wide range of resources to help end users and corporate buyers from across the enterprise, including:

A vast pool of knowledge and carefully curated content in the form of blog posts, buyers guides, newsletters and podcasts created by industry-leading experts and contributors;

AWE Nite meetups where you can connect with XR companies and professionals and network with your local AWE community;

The latest information and research on enterprise AR provided through partnerships with leading organizations;

The XR at Work podcast on awe.live, with content covering all things enterprise XR related;

YouTube playlists covering a variety of topics geared directly towards helping corporate buyers and organizations evaluate some of the best XR solutions for business and enterprise;

The AWE Weekly Spatial newsletter covering the week’s most important news announcements, as well as the Monthly Spatial news recap, both providing the best rundown of the latest XR products and solutions that can benefit your organization.

Whether you are trying to figure out where to begin when it comes to implementing XR, looking to complement your business’ current AR/VR usage, or wanting to upgrade to something more comprehensive, AWE’s community is well placed to assist in bringing your organization and workforce up to speed with the XR revolution.