Marc Regis Hannah
Co-Founder of Silicon Graphics & CGI Veteran

Marc Hannah, a pioneering electrical engineer and computer graphics designer, co-founded Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) in 1982, shaping the landscape of computer graphics technology as we know it. His work on the Geometry Engine revolutionized 3D image manipulation, enabling its widespread use in movies like Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park.

Hannah's contributions extended beyond entertainment, facilitating advancements in CAD, scientific visualization, and aerospace engineering. Notably, his designs powered the Nintendo 64's groundbreaking 3D graphics chip. His contributions to SGI's technology ecosystem profoundly influenced the trajectory of VR, shaping its evolution into the immersive medium we know today.


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SGI's Onyx2 system (1996) contained 8 MIPS R10000 CPUs, 16GB RAM and two graphics pipelines.