Diane Gromala
Innovator Using VR to Treat Chronic Pain

Diane Gromala is a pioneer in the intersection of virtual reality and healthcare, notably for her innovative work in using VR to treat chronic pain. With a background in both the technology and health sectors, Gromala's contributions have been pivotal in demonstrating VR's potential beyond entertainment, particularly in therapeutic contexts.

Her leadership in the Pain Studies Lab at Simon Fraser University has facilitated groundbreaking collaborations across disciplines, marrying computer science with medical research to design VR applications that offer new avenues for pain management and therapy. Gromala’s work not only exemplifies the transformative power of VR in healthcare but also underscores her role as an innovator in using XR technologies to improve quality of life.


Additional Resources:

Diane Gromala demonstrating how VR can ease chronic pain, in her Pain Studies Lab at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology.