Brenda Laurel
Visionary in Narrative-Driven and Inclusive Gaming and VR Experiences

Brenda Laurel revolutionized gaming with her focus on inclusivity and narrative-driven experiences. With extensive experience at Atari, Activision, and Purple Moon, she advocated for diverse game development. Laurel co-founded Purple Moon in 1996, dedicated to creating games for girls and challenging gender norms in gaming.

At the Banff Centre, she co-designed and produced the ground-breaking VR piece “Placeholder,” which showcased innovative sensory interactions, pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences. Laurel's academic roles at prestigious institutions furthered her design research and creativity. Recognized with awards like the Indiecade Trailblazer and the Virtual World Society's Nextant Prize, Laurel continues to shape the landscape of interactive media and XR technology through her writing and advisory positions.