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Pavilion: Enterprise Pavilion
Who is Lumus? We are a group of passionate scientists, engineers and dreamers who are building the technology that will redefine the future. We like to challenge the limits of what is possible in optics and design products for the way people live. Since 2000 Lumus has been focused on producing superior wearable displays for the world. Lumus products enable the fusion of the digital and physical world, allowing businesses and individuals to maximize the potential of augmented reality and smart eyewear today. Lumus has developed ground-breaking technology for see-through wearable displays, via its patented Light-guide Optical Element platform. Lumus technology makes possible the only sleek, natural-looking form factor, wide field of view, and true see-through optical engines available today. The augmented reality technology developed by Lumus is in fact already used by leading consumer electronics and smart eyewear manufacturers. Health care, the military, aviation, and logistics are among the industries that rely on Lumus for their pioneering AR applications