Gabriel Jones
CEO and Co-founder Proprio
Proprio CEO Gabriel Jones has 10+ years leadership experience in technology and IP law, with expertise in product development, business strategy, and engineering. He began his career in international trade and IP law in Japan and Washington, DC, worked in large-scale mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street, helped Bill Gates evaluate emerging technologies, and worked with the Gates Foundation on global health initiatives. Seeking to create a more direct, beneficial impact in health, his work led him to the technology venture world. Apart from founding Proprio, Gabe has assisted several successful startups on their commercialization path, from commercial products and AI tools, to medical devices. Gabe has held several board seats including the Washington Biotech and Biomedical Association and the Group Health Foundation through its acquisition by Kaiser. His prior speaking credits include the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, GTC, Think Big Festival, Mobile Future Forward, and Seattle Interactive Conference.


02:30 PM - 02:50 PM
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