Eve Weston
CEO & Creator of Realities Exelauno
Eve Weston believes in storytelling as a force for positive change. She is writer/director of the first immersive 360/VR sitcom (JoinTheBizNest.Com), with actors from FX’s Legion and YouTube’s Emmy-nominated Epic Rap Battles. Her VR art has shown at galleries in LA and NYC and at Disney Concert Hall as a prelude to LA Phil’s Yoko Ono Tribute Concert. She’s professor of VR filmmaking at Emerson College LA. Her speaking engagements as a VR storytelling expert include the 2018 National Conference of Science Writers’ in Washington, DC, Samsung’s Harman University, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences of Emmy’s fame. Weston is also an award-winning journalist, having written about VR for Ms. Magazine and The New York Post. A produced television writer, she has written and developed for various ABC/Disney channels and shows, including Wizards of Waverly Place - where she wrote and choreographed the song "Funky Hat Dance," a YouTube sensation with over a million views. Weston is a Goldman Sachs alumna and earned her MFA in screenwriting from USC and her BA in classics cum laude from Princeton.


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