Remound Wright
Creative Technologist AT&T
I am a creative technologist specializing in augmented and virtual reality. I create immersive experiences, and I am passionate about the future of storytelling. I am someone who is able to think critically in order to identify and understand problems and creative enough to ideate solutions. My background has developed me into a cross-functional person who can understand both the technical and design parts of product development. I love challenges. I love learning new things. And I love being a part of a team. Leadership and vision are strengths.I graduated from Stanford University where I majored in Science, Technology, and Society with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I took classes on design thinking/product design, CS, and human-computer interaction. I was also a scholarship athlete on the football team where I expanded my leadership, discipline, teamwork, time-management, and goal-setting skills.In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, cinema, travel, music, film making, and doing anything that can be called an adventure. One day I'll win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. 


04:30 PM - 05:30 PM
Grand Ballroom F

The Future Of Storytelling Is Spatial

Remound Wright | AT&T

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