Mez Breeze
Multidisciplinary Artist, Creative Director Mez Breeze Design
Mez Breeze crafts virtual reality sculptures/paintings, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, games, experimental storytelling, virtual reality Literature, and other genre-defying output. Current and past tinkerings include the virtual reality adventure Perpetual Nomads, exhibiting with the Third Faction Collective at World of Warcraft: Emergent Media Phenomenon, and creating A Place Called Ormalcy, a dystopian Sketchfab-based virtual reality literature work. In January 2019, the latter was shortlisted in the 2018 If:book New Media Writing Prize, with Mez’s in-progress virtual reality project A Million and Two also achieving an Honorable Mention. Breeze’s projects are taught worldwide. Her works reside in collections as diverse as The World Bank, Cornell’s Rose Goldsen Archive, and the National Library of Australia. She currently serves as an Advisor to the Mixed Augmented Reality Art Research Organisation, an Editorial Board Member of the digital journal Thresholds, a co-founder of the XR Artists Collective, and is a senior research affiliate of the Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab. Mez is also the Creative Director of "Mez Breeze Design" (@MezBreezeDesign), a Digital Design Agency And Consulting Group that focuses exclusively on bespoke digital product (including illustration, logo creation, design fiction, journalism, blogging, copywriting, transmedia, multimedia, graphic design, game scripting/writing and applied social media).