Dominique Wu
Founder XReality Academy

Dominique Wu is a Product Director with six years of experience specializing in XR in entertainment and technology. She has contracted for many Fortune 500 companies and has spoken at notable events including Augmented World Expo (AWE), Educators in VR, and various universities. Dominique strongly believes that Metaverse is the future, and so she is passionate about educating and mentoring in the realm of XR. In 2019, she founded the XReality group on Meetup, where she invites industry leaders to speak on various XR topics for over 800 members. In 2020, she founded XReality Academy, the first online learning platform with self-paced courses on high-demand XR concepts and with 1-1 student mentorship. Currently, she is writing a book called “Experience Design for XR” which talks about best practices to design intuitive experiences in XR.


Jun 2

03:40 PM - 05:10 PM


Startup Pitch Competition: Part 2

David A. Smith | Croquet

Chaitanya Ravi | SentioVR

Amber Hawkes | Here LA

Ariella Lehrer | Legacy Games

Ofer Baharav | Villa

Quentin Turner | Intrinsic XR

Pearly Chen | HTC Vive

Giovanni Fantoni Modena Fantoni Fantoni | Vitruvian

Tipatat Chennavasin | The Venture Reality Fund

Dave Haynes | FOV Ventures

Kristina Serafim | Verizon Ventures

Alex Coulombe | Heavenue / Agile Lens

Sherry Chang | Neural Lab

Dominique Wu | XReality Academy

Jun 3

03:05 PM - 03:30 PM


UX Design for XR

Dominique Wu | XReality Academy