Rob Taylor
CXO Pendulum

Rob Taylor has had a lifelong passion for using cutting-edge tech to meld compelling digital imagery with impactful storytelling. He co-founded performance capture pioneer, Giant Studios, which provided proprietary mocap solutions to Weta for The Lord of the RingsAvatar and King Kong, before co-founding San Diego-based Pendulum Studios, where he worked with Marvel, Disney Interactive, THQ, Volition, Telltale, SEGA, etc, and blended virtual production, previs, performance capture, real-time engines, and turn-key creative direction. The company’s growing expertise and patented tech opened doors to the world of theme parks, FECs, VR and experiential entertainment, and led to their 2014 acquisition by LA-based animation and LBE producer, Pure Imagination Studios, where Taylor worked with Warner Bros, Fox, Paramount, DreamWorks, NatGeo, Hasbro, Six Flags, and Netflix developing innovative themed experiences for properties like Star TrekBatmanAlienand Transformers. As the company’s Dir of Experiential Production and eventually its Chief Experience Officer, he led immersive experience design and technology R&D, production, and deployment for projects like their free-roaming, wireless, multi-player LB-VR experience Alien: Descent for FoxNext, and Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance for Netflix; a fully themed venue and VR attraction deployed from LA to London, featuring a 6-player team-driven rescue mission taking guests deep into zombie-infested Las Vegas aboard custom-built vehicles, with haptic rifles, motion-platforms, full-body tracking, and atmospheric effects. While maintaining close ties with Pure Imagination, Taylor recently exited the studio to consult on LBE/museum experience design and venue development, while also advising multiple XR and LBE companies.


Jun 2

04:40 PM - 05:30 PM


The Evolving Role of Social Experiences in Location-Based VR/AR

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