Giovanni Fantoni Modena
CCO Vitruvian

Giovanni Fantoni Modena was born in Milan in 1984. He holds a degree in Philosophy of History and an M.F.A. in Film Directing acquired at NYU Tisch under the supervision of Oliver Stone. In 2019 his passion for VR and space exploration led him to found Vitruvian Vr with other three co-founders. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer of the company. 


Jun 2

03:40 PM - 05:10 PM


Startup Pitch Competition: Part 2

Dominique Wu | XReality Academy

Amber Hawkes | Here LA

Ariella Lehrer | Legacy Games

Sherry Chang | Neural Lab

Dave Haynes | FOV Ventures

David A. Smith | Croquet Corporation

Alex Coulombe | Heavenue / Agile Lens

Tipatat Chennavasin | The Venture Reality Fund

Chaitanya Ravi | SentioVR

Pearly Chen | HTC Vive

Quentin Turner | Intrinsic XR

Giovanni Fantoni Modena | Vitruvian

Kristina Serafim | Verizon Ventures

Ofer Baharav | Villa