Brett Bagenstose
Principal NeoPangea

Brett founded NeoPangea, a digital agency like no other (and that’s not hyperbole, he can prove it on an Etch-A-Sketch), to create truly unique and infinitely-absorbing experiences for museums, brands, and TV networks.

As NeoPangea’s creative big kahuna, he’s leading the charge to turn heads with work that’s impossible to ignore. If Disney, The Smithsonian, History, and National Geographic trust him...well, he’s pretty trustable. And the many gongs on NeoPangea’s trophy shelves, plus four Emmy nominations for this creatively-divergent thinking, are evidence of that.

When Brett isn’t blowing off socks or flabbering ghasts, he’s a father of two, one mother of a story-teller (many of them his own), and an endlessly curious flavor archeologist.


Jun 1

05:35 PM - 06:00 PM


The Metaverse Protagonist: Storytelling Techniques for AR Entertainment

Kristen Soumas | Verizon

Brett Bagenstose | NeoPangea