Eren Aksu
Senior Manager Deloitte Consulting

Eren Aksu has been working on building out different aspects of the Metaverse for the past 10 years. He started building out AR apps with friends during his University of Virginia years focused on bringing Art work and History to life, and has since continued to work on bringing the Metaverse to life in over a dozen industries ranging from Journalism, Training, Learning & Development, Financial Services and Insurance, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Field Services & Maintenance, DoD, Energy Resources & Industrials, Entertainment and Gaming, offering a mix of experience that focuses on technical program and product management, sales and business development, marketing, strategy, production management, directing, writing and producing. His experience includes dozens of award winning virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality launches and releases in collaboration with numerous global F500 brands, Governments and Non-Profit Organizations.

He has a deep understanding of the Metaverse as it continues to be defined, of frontier technologies enabling our digital and physical worlds merging and the multiple fields encompassing interactive realtime computer generated media (2D and 3D). I offer C-Suite communication skills and has been a frequent speaker and presenter on AR/VR/MR topics at events and conferences around the world. His creative accomplishments include the direction of a VR film and campaign as part of the inaugural Oculus/Facebook VR For Good Initiative that world premiered at SXSW and the building of a virtual conference series focused on the future of key world topics named Nextopic, such as Nextopic: Future of Work and Nextopic: Future of Pandemics.


Jun 3

02:05 PM - 02:30 PM