Tyler Lindberg
Lead, Vertebrae 3D Engineering Snap, Inc.

Tyler Lindberg, Lead, Vertebrae 3D Engineering at Snap, is responsible for driving the technology powering 3D asset creation and processing for eCommerce within Snapchat. Prior to leading 3D engineering at Vertebrae, Tyler worked on the core web AR technology used in Vertebrae's AR eCommerce and advertising offerings. During his time at UCLA, Tyler worked as a consultant for Unity Technologies, culminating in the SIGGRAPH presentation "Essential algorithms for creating guided narrative VR experiences". Additionally, Tyler started the Studio branch of ACM at UCLA to create a space for students to collaborate and develop 3D experiences and games. Outside of work, Tyler spends his time exploring creative coding in 3D and playing both beach and indoor volleyball.


Jun 1

11:00 AM - 11:55 AM


Creating 3D Products for Every Stage of the Lifecycle

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