Nakita Chand
Content Product Manager Microsoft - Mixed Reality

Nakita is a Content Product Manager on the Mixed Reality team at Microsoft focusing on Global Representation for Avatars. She has been a design and engineering professional with over 12 years of combined experience in engineering, fashion and education, for companies such as Dreamscape Immersive, Disney, and the Los Angeles County Fair. She is also Designer and Owner of the contemporary Indian ethnic wear brand, Chynni, which initially launched as a successfully funded Kickstarter project in 2014.

Wrapping up a decade-long search to find the right career fit, Nakita has learned to evolve, pivot and grow in a variety of professional capacities, while staying true to her passion and values. A creative tinkerer and mother of two, Nakita enjoys reading, learning new skills and life hacks, swimming, dancing, and traveling to new places around the world.


Jun 1

01:55 PM - 02:20 PM


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Nakita Chand | Microsoft - Mixed Reality