Taylor Gilmore
Senior Integrated Construction Manager Mortenson

Taylor Gilmore has worked in the construction industry for past 12 years and has been focused on building Meta Data Centers with Mortenson for the past 3 years. She has worked closely with the client on driving consistency across their program through cross-collaboration with Meta stakeholders, the EORs, other GCs, and trade partners. Taylor supports Mortenson’s Virtual Design and Construction team for their Data Center group through planning, staffing, and scheduling while also aligning best practices across multiple sites. She has a strong understanding of how technology in the construction industry can be used to foster collaboration, communication, and allow for a deeper understanding of the project. 


Jun 3

02:05 PM - 03:00 PM


Data Center of the Future: VR Construction Design Review

Len Klein | Meta

Angel Say | Resolve

Matt Hooper | Meta

Steven Shimmin | Meta

Taylor Gilmore | Mortenson