Matt Hooper
Technical Program Developer Meta

Matt currently leads the technical program management of Meta’s internal XR programs.  He transitioned from the Reality Labs Enterprise team where he helped launch Oculus for Business with a focus on immersive learning.  Matt also provides high level strategy leadership for Meta’s efforts to realize ambitious internal XR goals.

Since joining Oculus, now Reality Labs, in 2013 he’s helped bring many projects to life including multiple iterations of Oculus Home, Oculus Video, Oculus Social, Oculus Venues and other internal software efforts as well as multiple 3rdparty titles such as Netflix, Herobound, and NCAA March Madness.  

Before Oculus Matt created interactive entertainment for over 20 years. Through roles as producer, lead designer, and creative director, he shipped dozens of software titles representing tens of millions of copies sold across a wide spectrum of platforms, from mobile to PC to the many consoles.  While Matt's passion leans toward the creative, he's also been involved in some of the most advanced technology pushes through the years. 


Jun 3

02:05 PM - 03:00 PM


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